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About BOMC2 and Zooba

In April of 2008, Zooba was transformed in to the Book of The Month 2. This club is the same as the old Zooba, but better! With a new site and an expanding BOMC2 selection, they promise to be a great new book club. It's the latest service by Book-of-the-Month featuring the newest hardcover bestsellers for $9.95 each with free shipping on every order.

Pricing for the BOMC2 book club is very simple and does not require a long description along with different scenarios. BOMC2 wanted to make this book club the simplest possible experience. BOMC2 has thousands of different books to choose from in all different genres. All of the books are a flat $9.95 each. How it works is you build a reading list of different books that you would like to receive. Once a month, BOMC2 will send you the next book on your list automatically and shipping is always free. You also have the option to buy additional books at any time for the same low price of $9.95 and others for $12.95. BOMC2 is great in that it's nice to open your mailbox and find a new book to read. Read our full BOMC2 review.

A modern club with traditional club ideals, the BOMC2 is unlike any other book club you have seen. While most clubs have rewarding introductory offers and everyday low prices, BOMC2 guarantees one flat fee for every book you ever buy through their club. On top of that, members will never have to pay shipping, a luxury most people only have by shopping directly in stores.

For $9.95 members can buy any book on the BOMC2 website and have it shipped to their home for free. Though book club members are often enticed by introductory offers and the guarantee of a certain percentage off publisher editions, BOMC2 focuses on providing stability. Because publisher editions often vary, you may still end up paying more for a title from another book club than you would from BOMC2 because they'll always only be $9.95. Plus, while other book clubs charge for shipping, BOMC2 realizes that you could probably go to the store and pay the same on a book as you would for the cost of shipping combined with the cost of a book from another online book club.

Offering a huge variety of titles, BOMC2 doesn't offer only one genre, but every reading genre you can think of. With genres like African-American, crafts & hobbies, home & gardening, science fiction & fantasy, fiction, history, arts & entertainment, cooking, Christian, biography and children's, BOMC2 is sure to have something for everyone. The club also carries large print selections, perfect for the elderly or those who have trouble reading.

BOMC2 website is simple, pleasing to the eye and very easy-to-use. Laid out by genre and then by more detailed categories, the books are also easy to find and, unlike in large bookstores, you won't have to browse long to find what you're looking for. For those who find they're always seeing books they want, BOMC2 offers a service that lets members save the books they want on a reading list. Each month BOMC2 will send a different book off the list to a member and the price stays the same. The book is just $9.95 and the shipping is free.

Unlike other book clubs, who choose titles to send to their members, BOMC2 lets you do this on your own. Though book club editors tend to know what kinds of titles their members are interested in reading, BOMC2 takes no chances and sends only what you have selected. This ensures that members are reading only what they want and don't feel as though they're wasting money on a book that will end up abandoned on a dusty bookshelf.

Like other book clubs, BOMC2 provides great low-priced titles in an easy, convenient way but dedicates even more time to it's members by allowing them to choose the titles they want to read and helping them to browse simply. Join BOMC2 today!

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