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About Quality Paperback Book Club

Paperback books have always been aimed towards hardcore readers who easily tear through ten books a month. Paperback books aren't always as expensive as hardcover selections, but, when you're reading several a month, the expense builds up and reading becomes a habit too pricey to maintain. Quality Paperback Book Club strives to provide low-priced paperbacks so that readers don't have to pace themselves. The Quality Paperback Book Club selection is amazing.

While it's fairly easy to find your favorite fiction titles in paperback, finding non-fiction paperback books can be difficult. Quality Paperback Books searches for you and orders paperback editions from publishers so that you don't need to waste your money on pricy hardcover editions. Because of Quality Paperback Books special publishing program, members will have access to exclusive editions, available nowhere else in paperback. Read the Quality Paperback Book Club review.

New releases are almost always only available in hardcover and, while they're often eventually released in paperback, the wait can be long. Quality Paperback Books eliminates that wait and offers paperback editions to members six months before they become available to other readers. The club makes it possible for reading enthusiasts to find and buy the paperback titles they want right away with no wait time.

What's most impressive about Quality Paperback Books are the number of genres the club is able to offer to members in paperback. While most paperback editions are fiction, Quality Paperback Books also features biographies, children's, finance, food, gay & lesbian, health & body, language & writing, nonfiction, religious, philosophy, science, nature, travel, hobbies, reference and how-to titles paperback titles. Even the largest bookstores, such as Barnes & Noble or Borders, don't make such a large array of paperback books available to customers.

Members of Quality Paperback Books not only have access to a number of paperback titles at low prices, but they also receive a club magazine, delivered directly to their home, that features the latest releases and newest selections, all available at up to 45% off publisher edition prices. The clubs website also features a section called "Under the Covers," which is dedicated to bringing members closer to the books and authors their reading. Author interviews and profiles, excerpts, reading group guides, and sneak peaks offer insider looks at all your favorite books. Quality Paperback Books also provides video author interviews and trailers, a technology most book clubs and stores don't offer.

For paperback lovers shopping for home-related titles, Quality Paperback Books provides sneak peeks by offering tips and recipes from several cooking or home-related books right on the website. Quality Paperback Books believes that you should never buy something without trying it out first, so member reviews and tips and recipes act as ways to decide whether or not you're really interested in buying a book.

Rather than spend hundreds of dollars on hardcover editions, why not find the same exact titles at a much cheaper, more manageable price? Quality Paperback Books makes sure all the newest releases are available in paperback and offers them at a price lower than you'd typically find. Join today and fulfill all your book shopping needs. Join The Quality Paperback Book Club Today!