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About The History Book Club

A wealth of information for any history buff, the History Book Club selection offers thousands of titles on a range of historical subjects. From the American Revolution to World War II, the History Book Club is dedicated to offering a large array of the best historical titles to those interested in learning a little bit about the past.

The most convenient aspect of the History Book Club is the simplicity of having everything you're looking for in one place. Over the years, history professors and students have come to recognize the History Book Club as a useful resource for locating the best and most informative titles in print. Chosen carefully by the History Book Club's educated and qualified board of historians, the books offered through the club range from biographies to non-fictions to encyclopedias. Read our full History Book Club review.

History does not come cheap and historical books, particularly ones used primarily for academic reference, tend to cost a lot. Though the History Book Club recognizes the importance and value of historical pieces, such as "The Desk Encyclopedia of World History," "Thunderstruck," and "1776," they strive to offer the same popular titles available in stores for a fraction of the cost. In fact, books purchased on the History Book Club website or through the History Club Book Review are up to 40 percent cheaper than the publishers editions found elsewhere.

Because history is such a booming genre within the book industry, it can be difficult for history enthusiasts to keep up with the latest trends and new releases. The History Book Club provides up-to-date information on recent and upcoming releases through both the clubs website and the History Club Book Review, which is delivered directly to member homes. Filled with book reviews, special offers, new selections and exclusive excerpts, the History Club Book Review is an easy, convenient way to keep up with all the History Book Club has to offer.

After the History Book Club, members receive access to not only to lists of their fellow-member favorites, but to recommendations and book reviews written by professional historians. So that members can decide whether or not they're truly interested in a book, the History Book Club provides first chapter excerpts and author interviews as another way of reviewing a book before purchase.

Favoring no period in time, the History Book Club makes a point to carry a range of titles that cover every historical event imaginable. Focusing on the powerful events and time periods that made our world what it is, the books reflect our history in wars, arts, religion, government and beyond. Through fictions, non-fictions, references and biographies, members of the History Book Club gain access to enriching experiences through words.

To acknowledge members who enjoy reading and require more books, the History Book Club offers a bonus point systems that rewards members who purchase several books. For each book they buy, members gain a certain amount of points that can later be applied towards future purchases. The History Book Club is not just an online bookstore, but a community with the goal of nurturing and providing the best books and service for its members. Join the History Book Club today!