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If the words "tight budget" applies to you, then College Book Renter is the company you should be looking for. This is a book Rental Company, based out of Kentucky. C. A. Jones Management Group owns and manages College Book Renter and South Eastern Book Company. provides online service for students; they can borrow, buy or even sell textbooks online. This is deemed as one of the fastest growing textbook company.The reason being, hike in text book price twice as much as the inflation rate. The other contributing factors are demographical changes and the power of internet on students these days. Further, education rate has seen a tremendous spurt with older people enrolling in colleges. These are the people on tight budget since; they take care of the family alongside studying.

Industry, Rules and Regulations:

On July 1st, 2010, the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) set out regulations to make textbooks more affordable for the students. The colleges and universities were advised to give out the lists of books prior to admission to help students research and find out where they could get cheap books. There was increase in the online book rental business after this rule was put up. This industry is expected to grow rapidly in the next few years and so is the competition.

Company's Vision and Process:

The company's goal is very simple. It serves students on tight budget, be it part time or full time, have the best and hassle free online text book purchase/ rental experience. The company like many other online rental book stores has shown significant growth in the last few years. On an average, a student who is expected to spend $1000 a year on text books could save $127 when they rent it online.

The best feature of this site is, the three step check-out process. You can buy, sell or rent in just three steps. When you desire to rent, all you need is to enter the book name in the easy to use rent textbook search bar, choose from the rental periods and check out. Buying also works pretty much the same way. Key in the book name in the search bar and a list of used and new books would come up. Select the required from it and check out after paying. To sell, select the book from the search bar and key in the payment method (Cheque, credit or PayPal) and then ship the book free of cost to the company. After reviewing, the payment would be credited to the account.

The personal information provided will be safe and not shared. Students can avoid the unwanted risks linked with buying textbooks the conventional way. Precisely, there are three point benefits to the students when they rent instead of buying...Save money...You will have up-to-date editions of books and high quality books...No need to worry about the resale value of books