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About The Military Book Club

Offering a range of non-fiction and fiction titles, The Military Book Club selection serves those who have served in the military or are just plain interested in learning the truths behind they many wars our world has seen. The clubs goal is to provide accurate and insightful titles for readers who were a part of that history or thirst for the knowledge of what really happened.

Carefully chosen by the Military Book Clubs panel of expert editors, all the titles carried by the club were written by analysts, historians, technologists and authors who have had first-hand experience in the military. The Military Book Club editor, Jay Franco, makes a point to assure members that the authors featured in the club are authentic and honest and only produce the most accurate books. Though some fiction novels are offered for relaxing and entertainment purposes, the club focuses on the truth and history behind the military and warfare. Read The Military Book Club review.

Carrying titles dedicated to subjects of the past, such as World War II, the Vietnam War and Ancient/Medieval military as well as the present, such as Anti-Terrorism, the Military Book Clubs provides titles based on a range of military history. Not only are members able to learn about the wars of the past, but they can keep up with the wars and military action of the present.

The club also offers insightful titles explaining different areas of military warfare. Naval, ground and air warfare are all addressed with books about submarines, planes, guns, tanks and vehicles. All the books are written by authors with experience who tell it like it is. The Military Book Club is a place for those interested in the truth and technology behind the many wars and militaries that have made our world the place it is today.

Unlike bookstores, who's selection of military-related books dwindles and focuses more on the larger events, such as Pearl Harbor and the American Revolution, the Military Book Club offers hundreds of titles on a range of subjects that will appeal and relate to anyone. Rather than browsing through several shelves of mismatched, unorganized titles, Military Book Club members have the convenience and advantage of browsing in their own homes through organized web pages listed by genre, subject and title.

Though the kinds of book the Military Book Club offers, titles by expert and experienced military authors, tend to cost a lot of money in stores and through other online shops, the titles carried on the site and through the clubs home-delivered magazine are up to 50 percent off of publisher edition prices. According to the editor, offering the best military reading selections is only half the battle, making them affordable is what really wins the war.

Offering the newest and bestselling military titles, the Military Book Club is a network of military professionals, historians and experts whose main goal is to provide the most accurate information from people who have been at the front of the lines. Whether you're a retired military member, currently serving or just yearn to learn about the military and the wars that have shaped the world we now live in, the Military Book Club is the place to go. Join The Military Book Club today!