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About HomeStyle Book Club

Specializing in everything home related, the Homestyle Book Club selection is a one-stop resource for anyone looking to get some tips on a range of subjects, including: collecting, decorating, gardening, foods, home goods, organizing, home repair, crafts, entertainment, painting and lifestyle. Focusing on providing "easy ideas for better living," Homestyle Books brings together thousands of industry specific titles and makes them easily accessible through one convenient club.

From Martha Stewart to the publishers of Better Homes and Gardens, Homestyle Books carries the most popular authors offering the most helpful tips to turn any home in to a dream house. With books targeting all levels of experience, from beginners to design experts, Homestyle Books makes sure that members never leave the site with unanswered questions. Taking into consideration each and every home-related issue that could arise, the editors of Homestyle Books sought out the most effective titles and put them together so that members could locate them easily. Read our HomeStyle Book Club review.

Because not everyone knows exactly what kind of tips and help they're looking for, Homestyle Books also provides a page full of free, featured tips taken from some of the books available through the club. After having a look to see which tips you find most useful and interesting, you're then able to buy the books directly from Homestyle. The tips, which range in topic from sewing to cooking to home d├ęcor, are refreshed often so that Homestyle Book Club members have access to the most books.

The greatest thing about Homestyle is their prices. Because most home projects already cost a considerable amount of money, purchasing how-to books to explain how to complete the projects can be difficult. Homestyle Book Club recognizes that paying the same amount on a book that describes tips and ideas as you do for the supplies necessary to make a project come to life is absurd. To prevent this, Homestyle has crafted an introductory offer of four books for only $2, but the savings don't end there. Homestyle Book Club offers members up to 30 percent off of publisher edition everyday.

For the vigorous remodeling, craft, gardening or cooking enthusiast with a lot of time for home-related projects, Homestyle Book Club offers member bonus points that, when added up, can be applied to future purchases. Unlike typical book stores, Homestyle likes to reward its members and, rather than making customers bend for their prices, makes an effort to only carry affordable, low-priced books.

Rather than having to browse aimlessly through large bookstores, Homestyle Book Club members have the convenience of browsing hundreds of different titles from the comfort of their own home. Whether on the Homestyle Book Club site or in the clubs magazine, members receive updated information on the latest titles, tips and reviews on a daily basis. Fashioned with home lovers in mind, the Homestyle Book Club provides all books and ideas you need to create one-of-a-kind projects. Carrying everything a self-starter needs to make a house a home, the Homestyle Book Club is the perfect place for all your home, crafting, gardening and cooking needs. Join the HomeStyle Book Club today!