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About The One Spirit Book Club

With more people searching for inspiration and answers to all of their spiritual questions, the price of religious, self-help, and health and wellness books has begun to increase. The One Spirit Book Club selection offers a range of titles by best-selling authors for low prices the average reader can afford. Whether you're looking for books about the Bible, advice for maintaining a healthy lifestyle or tips on how to be a good parent, One Spirit has it all.

One of the most booming industries, self-help and inspirational books have become useful tools for maintaining a fulfilling life. While most big name titles, such as The Prosperity Bible, can sell for over $30, One Spirit offers up to 40 percent off of publishers' edition prices. Chosen carefully by the One Spirit editorial team, all of the books available through One Spirit Book Club are meant to inform, enlighten and empower customers. Read the One Spirit Book Club review.

Though One Spirit offers several best selling books, such as The Secret, The Law of Attraction, The Best Life Diet, Clean Sweep and Organic Housekeeping, the club also supplies videos, CD's and other merchandise - all meant to inspire and provide resources for the mind, body and soul.

By joining One Spirit Book you'll not only receive access to a huge selection of books, videos, CD's and merchandise, but you'll also be given a free subscription to the One Spirit Review, which features over 150 selections for you to browse. Much easier than looking through thousands of books at a library or bookstore, One Spirit selects the books and media they know will interest you and provides access to over 500 titles, both online and in the One Spirit Review.

To show their appreciation for joining the club, One Spirit offers new members any four books for only $2, plus a fifth for 50 percent off. Once you've become a member, One Spirit takes up to 30 percent off of publisher prices and offers several members-only sales as well as bonus points, which can be applied to future purchases. Each time you purchase a book, DVD, video, CD or piece of merchandise, you earn points, which translate into even lower prices.

Unlike other book clubs, One Spirit doesn't scam its members and offers a choice on all selections. Three times a month, One Spirit will select a title they think might interest you and, rather than sending it to you and charging you for it, offers the selection through the One Spirit Review. Members can then choose whether or not they'd like to receive the title, a choice most other book clubs don't offer.

A convenient online book club, One Spirit makes choosing the appropriate title simple and provides access to all the inspirational and spiritual books, DVDs, CDs and merchandise customers are interested in for incredibly low prices. Carefully selecting only the best products, One Spirit editors know their stuff and are experts in the how-to, self-help, inspirational and motivational industry. Join today to receive a great introductory offer and begin your lifelong journey towards enlightenment. Join The One Spirit Book Club today!