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About BooksFree Audiobook & Paperback Rental Club

Booksfree is one of the online audiobook and books rentals that have turned out to be a necessary phenomenon. More and more customers are clicking to the direction of Booksfree to satiate that craving for books. As it is convenient and cost effective, naturally people will proceed without let up.

Peering at it from multi- angle views, Booksfree is at once beneficial and advantageous. Reading has been considered the nation's favorite pastime. But in the age of fast forward and rat races, people find less time to engage in this national hobby. Time is not on their side. The emergence of Booksfree has afforded these people the chance to go back to reading and listening as well. It has given booklovers the opportunity to save money on buying books from bricks and mortar chains.

It has made possible finding time to read for the proverbial busy bees. For the weary travelers, it made the miles whiz by on a trip. Audiobooks are good companions when traveling. For the elderly and retired senior citizens who have eye problems, it is never too late to listen to audiobooks. Living on government pensions renting an audiobook is so easy and cheap they would just love it.

For children who need something to put them in place, an audiobook will be an educational supplement. They will also find it a novelty and entertaining as well. For the blind, for the vision impaired, they will find this noble and benevolent. Booksfree is not only a business but a partner in good causes. They might not realize it but online audiobooks and books from Booksfree are the perfect solutions for these members of our population.

Booksfree with its supply of over 100,000 titles will find it hard for customers not to get what they want. From the immortal classics to latest releases, you will have a field day. Voracious readers will never have enough but will find the selection fantastic. The thing to really think about is that the shipping is free of charge. No hidden fees. Plainly free both ways. You can never be too late or too early as there are no fees for that. If you find it not to your liking you can always cancel anytime without further obligation on your part.

Booksfree is the audiobook and boo rental to beat. They have the largest selection of paperbacks and audiobooks. It is delivered to right at your doorstep. The entire audiobooks are shipped regardless of the number of the discs. Online you will have the time of your life selecting your well loved titles. There is no hurry as the danger of unavailability of selected titles is nil. There will always be one for you.

Booksfree has so much in terms of service. It is not your typical kind of audiobook rental. It is more than that. It looks after your welfare through its passionate customer service.

It has given many chances and breaks to imbibe the habit of listening and reading. The titles at its disposal in varying levels of entertainment and education are amazing. It never ceases to surprise the members. They make it a point that members are always looking forward to their next shipment of titles they have ordered.

One more thing with Booksfree is that they never condense or abridge lengthy novels or movies. They always provide the customers with the full-length version of each book. Another unique feature in the service of Booksfree is the delivery of the entire audio in one shipment. Unlike the competitors, many of them break their audiobooks up to multiple shipments.

Sign up and pick a plan. Would you go for one book at a time, two at a time, three at a time or four at a time? With corresponding fees that are not tough on the budget, you get to listen to your favorite titles. There is no attached obligation if you want to cancel anytime. But no refunds or credits will be recognized for partial months of use. After the picking comes the signing up.

Sign up and become a member. You can browse you can choose and add the titles by clicking the Add to List button. The Add to List button serves as your order slip. Whatever is on there and if it is available, Booksfree will ship for free according to the membership plan you have chosen. The leftover list will stand in line. To maximize your enjoyment of the service choose as much as to fifteen titles on your list at all times.

The unavailable titles at the moment will be shipped as soon as they become available. Booksfree will order them for you from one of their distributors if not found in their library. Regardless of the number of disks used in a program, they are shipped to you in its entirety. There will be no part one for the moment or parts two and three will for the next. That's a no no. Not on Booksfree.

There are over 100,000 titles, so you have the luxury to order as much as you want. But your membership plan will regulate the number of titles and how fast you return the borrowed audiobooks. The huge selection varies from the immortal classics to the latest thrillers. The website is open for 24 hours which makes searching for titles easy and hassle free. Shipping is always free both ways. Your order will arrive within 3 to 10 business days depending on which side of the country you are located.

Booksfree provides you with a great deal of savings for both books and audiobooks. Instead of buying them from your chain stores, Booksfree will be a very good alternative. It offers low monthly fee when you borrow without limits. When you join the club, rent unlimited audiobooks on CD.

You can also keep the books that you cherished by going to "My Account" and click on "Keep a Book" link which you can find under the Maintenance Section. Choose the titles you want to hold on to and follow the prompts. But due to limited availability, some titles may not be kept.

You need not have a separate account of books and audiobooks. They are covered by 20 different Combo membership plans to agree with your necessities. You can go back and go over the plans at the site. There will be more questions as you go along. The customer service of Booksfree will gladly answer your queries or attend to your complaints. Never hesitate to use the chances you have.

Customers have been raving about the stellar services they get from Booksfree. It is how amazing how the customers can get all the books they care to read and at such a reasonable price per month. It takes so little effort for them to get them through the reading list. At the same time so effortless on the part of the customer makes it even better.