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About BookRenter

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The founder of BookRenter is Colin Barceloux. He had been studying at a university in Santa Clara, where he had to spend around five hundred dollars every three months on books. In order to support himself he started to work as a mailman at the university campus and found that there were several discarded textbooks in campus. Piles of books had been placed on the zero value desks. Barceloux found this unjust and he gathered all those books and sold them to students via internet. In this way the company was born and Barceloux was joined by 2 engineers to assist him in starting the venture. had been launched in the year 2006. The mission of this lovely service is to make education a lot more affordable to students of all institutes. The team of BookRenter is engaged in giving the best prices, easy options and immaculate services to students belonging to different fields of knowledge. In order to foster independent college stores this technology is given away free to them, so that their students can be served well. Apart from the other good things, each order made on this service results in a donation to so that free new books are available for children that need them.

Several great services are offered by BookRenter, apart from renting textbooks you can also purchase them or even sell your very own books. If you have some books that you don't require anymore then you should get their value estimated and sell them to make some cash for other activities. On the average people are able to get around fifty dollars for each book that they sell. This section of the site has provided relief to all the students who had spent thousands of dollars on purchasing textbooks, as they now get to have some good money for selling them. The terms and conditions of renting, buying or selling books at BookRenter are really simple. If you are not able to return a book in time, then you can get the rental period extended or even purchase the book if you want. You can choose books from any category and study them as reference books.