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About The Mystery Guild Book Club

An entertaining outlet, reading has become a way to relax and lose yourself in the world of others. Mysteries are not only exciting but are so captivating that readers often find it impossible to put a book down once they start. The Mystery Guild Book Club is a one-stop shop for all of your mystery novel needs and prides itself on providing only the most thrilling, frightening and captivating titles. It is the clubs goal to make sure you are so enthralled in a book that you stay up all night to finish it.

Though many often classify mystery as a subject, the truth is there are several different kinds of mystery that can be separately defined in their own topics. The Mystery Guild Book Club selection allows members to browse through specific subjects, such as horror, historically, cozy, spy, thriller, classic, British, police and American detective mystery. Rather than waste time searching by author through shelves at the bookstore, why not take advantage of the Mystery Guild and find the kind of mystery you're truly interested in reading.

Mystery lovers tend to be the kind of readers who go through two or three books a week. Keeping that kind of reading habit is not cheap and, while borrowing books from a library may defer some of the expense, the selection will soon run dry and you'll find yourself turning, once again, to expensive bookstores to get your mystery fix. The Mystery Guild believes strongly that reading shouldn't be an expense and offers all the same titles you'd find in stores for up to 60 percent of publisher edition prices. Read The Mystery Guild Book Club Review.

Over half-a-million people have joined the Mystery Guild and are taking advantage of the clubs huge selection and low prices. A social network of mystery book lovers, the Mystery Guild offers member reviews, which are located on the clubs website, so that you can decide, based on the reading experiences of others, which books are best for you. More information is available in the Mystery Guild's club magazine, sent directly to member homes, which offers the latest releases, new selections, book excerpts and author comments and reviews.

The Mystery Guild wants to make sure you get the most out of your reading experience, so wasting your time on titles you won't enjoy is not an option. Aside from member reviews, the club also offers a section where members can read chapter excerpts. Take advantage of the section to become familiar with a new author, genre or book. With hundreds of low-priced selections and new releases everyday, members of the Mystery Guild will never be bored or penniless. Join The Mystery Guild Book Club Today!