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About Doubleday Book Club

Doubleday Book Club is one of the most popular book clubs in the world. They have special deals with all sorts of publishers which makes it possible to give you rock bottom prices on all of your favorite books. This club is a general book club that spans all genres as well as carries books for all ages. You won't be disappointed, it's guaranteed!

The Doubleday Book Club selection features a vast selection of the latest fiction and nonfiction including best sellers, popular favorites, mysteries, romance, cooking, home decorating & more! As a member, you'll save up to 60% off publishers' edition prices on every book.

For the avid reader, selecting the perfect books can be a difficult and daunting task. Reading more than three or four books a month can become an expensive hobby and finding the time to go to a library and browse through the titles can be difficult. Offering ridiculously low prices and an easy-to-use online system, Doubleday eliminates the time and cost associated with choosing your books and allows more time for the reading. Read our Doubleday Club Review for more information.

Offering a vast array of fiction and nonfiction bestsellers, Doubleday carries all the favorite authors from romanticist Danielle Steel to the king of mystery, James Patterson. When driving to your bookstore twice a week becomes a hassle, Doubleday provides a convenient way for stocking your shelves with the kind of books you genuinely enjoy reading.

Through this book club, members can save up to 60 percent off publishers' edition prices and can choose titles on a range of subjects, including: business, fitness, diet, biographies, sports, romance, cooking, gardening, home, design, mystery, reference, how-to, beauty, travel, computers, classics, pets, career, health, wellness, inspiration, religion and crafts, to name a few.

One of the greatest advantages to being a Doubleday member is being able to access the newest books without waiting in bookstore lines or fearing that all copies will be sold out. With the ability to purchase titles ahead of time, members are guaranteed to receive all the new releases the moment they're made available.

Finding titles by popular authors (such as Nicholas Sparks, John Grisham, Mary Higgins Clark, Sandra Brown and Dean Koontz) can be difficult in bookstores, but Doubleday Book Club offers all the titles you're dying to read. While online bookstores can offer the convenience of ordering from your home, none can offer the same low prices as the Doubleday Book Club, where you'll find the same titles for up to 60 percent less.

For reading enthusiasts, Doubleday not only offers selections from their favorite authors and genres, but also provides articles written by book industry experts and authors. Providing a close-knit network of customers, the Doubleday site is dedicated to sharing information about the books you love or wish to read in the future. Share your book reviews and recommendations with other members and read theirs to decide which books you want to order next.

Doubleday makes your reading selection easier by listing author profiles and experts from new books. Since you're using the Internet in the comfort of your own home, you no longer need to feel pressured to make a quick decision as you stand cramped in a store reading book summaries on the back covers. Doubleday strives to help readers choose the kinds of books that would interest them and then provides them for a fraction of the cost they would pay elsewhere. A book club that caters to the serious reader, this is the place to go for all your reading needs. Join Doubleday Book Club.