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Doubleday Large Print Book Club Review

Doubleday Large Print Book Club features a wide range of bestselling fiction and nonfiction from popular authors like Danielle Steel, John Grisham, James Patterson, Mary Higgins Clark and Sylvia Browne. As a member you'll save up to 30% off publishers' edition prices on every book. Plus, you can order the newest books before they're in stores! A vast selection of the latest fiction and nonfiction including best sellers, popular favorites, mysteries, romance, cooking, how-to & more!

What type of special offer is for new members?

The Doubleday Large Print Book Club is offering a special for new members. New members will receive 4 books for just $.99. That's right, 4 books for $.99 plus shipping and handling. You can also opt to buy a 5th book for $5.99 plus shipping and handling so you'll only have to buy 3 more books over the next two years.

How much will I be charged for the special offer?

With the special offer of $.99 for 5 books, shipping is extra. The total including shipping and handling will be $14.68 with the current offer for new members.

What is my commitment to Doubleday Large Print?

As a member of the Doubleday Large Print Book Club, your only commitment is to purchase four (3 if you buy a 5th at enrollment for $5.99) more books at the clubs regular discounted rates. You have a full two years to purchase the books. That's only one book every six months. These purchases are at the clubs discounted rates. The discounted rate is between 30-60% off publishers list price.

What types of books do they offer?

The Doubleday Large Print Book Club offers a wide selection of books for the entire family and for ever reading pleasure. Whether you are looking the latest novel by Danielle Steel, or a mystery for your teen, or a book for you four year old, this club has something for you. The books are easy to find on the website. They have all the books categorized. Categories include African-American, Children's, Cooking, Fiction, Health, Mysteries, Real-life Drama, Reference, Romance, and Top 100. Search the Doubleday Large Print selection.

How do I join Doubleday Large Print?

To join the Doubleday Large Print Book Club, simply visit them online, select your books, provide your payment information, and before you know it your books will be showing up at your door ready for your enjoyment.

What other information can you provide about the club?

The Doubleday Large Print Book Club provides the perfect book choice for every member of the family. This club makes it so reading is easier especially for those suffering from problems with their vision. The books are easy to read with enlarged print. Many selections are available and shopping is convenient. If for any reason you are not satisfied you have 20 days to return the books and cancel your membership.

What benefits are available to members?

As a member of the Doubleday Large Print Book Club you have the convenience of on line shopping 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All the books you select from the Doubleday Large Print Book Club will be discounted at least 30% off the publishers list price. In addition, you will receive a club magazine which will offer special promotions and savings, and provides you with book reviews.

How do I contact customer service if I have a problem?

If you ever have a question, or concern you can email customers service with one click. There also is a frequently asked questions area which may be able to assist you.