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HomeStyle Book Club Review

HomeStyle Books features hundreds of decorating, crafting, gardening, and cooking books to help you make your home and garden everything you have ever dreamed of. Wherever your creative endeavors lead you, Homestyle Books has the tools to help you get there. Save up to 30% off publishers' edition prices on every book.

What type of special offer is for new members?

The Homestyle Book Club has a special offer for new members. You can select 4 books from their vast array of books for $2. They offer books to make your home look its best. You can also buy one more book at half off the publishers price so you'll have one less to buy.

How much will I be charged for the special offer?

With the special offer of $2 for 4 books, shipping is extra. The total including shipping and handling will be $13.71 for 4 books. The books are easy to order online at the club website.

What is my commitment to the club?

As a member of the Homestyle Book Club, the only commitment is to purchase 3 books at the clubs everyday discounted rates. The Homestyle Book Club gives you a full 2 years to purchase the books. That's only 1 book ever 5 months or so.

What types of books does Homestyle offer??

The Homestyle Book Club offers hundreds of books on decorating, cooking, gardening, everything you need to make your home look its very best. The Homestyle Book Club offers a wide range of books including books on home organizing, collecting, crafts, gardening, home repair, health/mind body, and painting just to name a few. Book titles range from Total Feng Shui, and Do It Yourself Home Improvement, to Ageless Beauty, plus thousands more. See the HomeStyle Book Club selection.

How do I join Homestyle Book CLub?

To join the Homestyle Book Club, you sign up online. Joining the club online is easy. Simply select your choices, fill in enrollment form, read through membership agreement, provide payment info and confirm your order. What an easy way to enjoy books. There are no cards to return in the mail, just the convenience of online shopping.

What other information can you provide about The Homestyle Book Club?

The Homestyle Book Club offers hundreds of choices for to get your home looking its best. There are no mre automatic shipments for new members, so you only receive the books you want.

What benefits are available to members?

As a member of the Homestyle Book Club you will have the opportunity to enjoy books on topics related to home improvement decorating, gardening, and more.

You will get discounted prices on all future purchases and by purchasing books you will earn bonus points to use on subsequent books. The usual discount rate is a minimum of 30% off with special savings up to 65%.

With the Homestyle Book Club, you will never have to leave your home to shop.

In addition, the club magazine offers additional promotions and information on upcoming books.

How do I contact customer service if I have a problem?

If you ever have a question or concern, you can email customers service with one click. There is also a frequently asked questions area which may be able to assist you.