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BookRenter is a highly dependable resource for getting your favorite books on rent. This site is one of the best ones of its type and several students belonging to different parts of the United States get benefit from it.

Salient Features

This amazing site claims that it has got one of the biggest collections of books online and that really is true as they provide you a variety of books to choose from. The newsroom of the site helps students to keep track of what the company is engaged in and any recognition that it got from the public. If you have any of the following cards you are eligible to become a member of this site, the cards are

  • Visa
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Master Card

The bad part is that you don't get to have other options such as PayPal.

Site Navigation

Navigation through is really easy and you won't have trouble in locating different sections and sub-sections. There is a search box that aids in finding any desired book. The colors used on the site make it easier for you to focus on the material and it's never a chore. Once you have selected a desired book you just need a few clicks of the mouse to choose the rental terms and add it to the cart.

Support & Service

The help and support section of the site is really big and you are able to locate all desired information within no time. Topics are present in different categories and you can find answers to your questions at the base of the page. You can even contact CSRs via email, on the phone or even by having a live chat. You can get your problems solved within a small period of time by the aid of dedicated CSRs.

The service quality of BookRenter is really nice and dependable to rent college text books. Forming partnership with U.S. Postal Service and UPS has helped in offering free shipping for textbook rentals. International shipping has not been offered and this isn't something unique as several other sites have similar policy in this regard.


The different fees charged by BookRenter for renting text books are a bit more than competitors. Some FAQ regarding fees are as follows:

QUESTION: What is the period for refunds?

ANSWER: The site allows you to make returns for refunds in ten days of getting the books.

What are the restocking charges?

ANSWER: restocking fee of ten dollars is applied for orders shipped via Ground method, thirteen and fifteen dollars are charged for orders shipped on 2nd and 3rd day, respectively.

QUESTION: What fees are charged for returning books late or in damaged condition?

ANSWER: Minor damage caused to the book shall result in 35% charges of original fee and major damage results in charging full price. When a book is not returned in time you are charged twenty percent of book's list price and a fourteen day extension is granted.


The only problem that you may find in this site is the higher fee, but that is far less when compared to the high quality services. Overall BookRenter has got several features to die for and you can trust this amazing website for getting any desired textbooks on rent.