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Website Layout:

The website is colorful, bright and informative. Combinations of bright and light colors make the site attractive. The home page provides plenty of information in different font sizes, though it looks cluttered, it is not overwhelming. The home page has a large search box prominently placed. Tabs on the top right corner have links to all the important pages. There are quick links like mobile reservations, FAQ's testimonials, and company information below the search tool.

Almost every ISBN number keyed in turned up results. The results have additional information like cover type, number of pages, list price, rental price and the description of the book. There is an add- to-cart link which enables the user to add the book to the shopping cart directly.


Like any other book rental company, campus book rentals allow the students to rent, buy and sell text books. As already mentioned, selling service is provided in partnership with Firstclassbooks. Once quote is approved, a prepaid label will be generated and that has to be attached to the package (own packaging) and shipped to the provided address.

The company is active on facebook and twitter. You will receive information on promotional offers also via these social media.

Rental Policy:

Campus books rental, allow three book periods keeping the students comfort and life style in mind. The semester period is the longest with 130 days duration offering. Quarter has 85 days duration and summer has 55 days duration offering. The company also allows extension of the rental periods. But, this has to be updated in the user's account online. The extensions typically lie between 15-30 days. Generally, extension periods greater than the aforementioned range of days are not encouraged. Similarly the students can take advantage of the 30% off on original rental price when the same book is re-rented. If interested in purchasing the rented book, it could be bought at the price difference between the retail and rental cost.

Minimal highlighting in the books is allowed. No writing is allowed and the book has to be returned in god condition for re-renting.

Return policy:

The book has to be returned at the end of the rental period, failing which the company provides charge-free 15 days grace period. The representative will contact you via email and expect a resolve within 3 days. Failing which, the credit card will be charged the list price of the book.

Shipping policy:

Unlike many other online book rentals, provides free shipping both ways.

Help & Customer service:

The site typically answers almost all the questions. The help section is elaborate and easy to understand. In case, there are queries that need to be addressed, they can be mailed to the customer service team and they revert as soon as possible. The customer service representatives can also be contacted via a toll free number or live chat. The company boasts on the top-notch customer service as they are pioneers in the business and have an excellent back up staff.


  • When the book is returned within 30days, entire amount will be refunded. This is an excellent refund policy which is an attraction.
  • Free shipping
  • Excellent customer service and back up
  • 15 days charge free grace period
  • Insurance for the rented books
  • Making a difference program and perks for students are star attractions.


  • Limited shipping options


If you want to get the education you need, at less than the price it would cost, online textbooks rentals are the best option. Campusbooksrentals have many pros when compared to the competitors. The only drawback is the non flexible shipping option that will not allow you to have the book you need immediately. Unless you are in a hurry for a book, campusbookrental is the best site to buy book as you get many additional perks and benefits along with books at lower rate.