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Children's Book of the Month Club Review

Who Should Join Children's Book of The Month Club

Children's books are an important part of childhood. If you weren't read to as a child, or never read children's books yourself, don't pass that on to your child. Any with children should buy children's books or frequent the library often. With this children's book club, it simplifies the process of obtaining new and diverse reading material for your children. With all of the age groups that you can chooses from, anyone with a child is a good fit for this club.

Children's Book Of The Month Benefits

As a member, there are several benefits that we would like to share...

  • The selection is amazing. There are children's books for all ages including babies to toddlers, early readers and up. You will also find games and videos.
  • Save up to 30% off publishers' edition prices on every book that you buy
  • This is really cool...when your books arrive in the mail, they will be addressed to your child. They love that. It's like getting presents in the mail!
  • Every so often you will receive a club magazine that reviews books, has exclusive features, and special promotions.
  • The simple to use web site makes it extremely convenient to shop from anywhere, or through the club magazine.

What type of special offer is for new members?

The Children's Book of the Month Club offers a special for new members. Currently, you can receive 6 books for $2. In addition, you will receive a free tote bag to carry your child's books in.

How much will I be charged for the special offer?

With the special offer of $2 for 6 books plus a tote bag, shipping is extra. The total including shipping and handling will be $21.67 for 6 books plus a tote bag including shipping and handling.

What is my commitment to the club?

As a member of the Children's Book of the Month Club, the only commitment is to purchase 5 more books at the clubs regular discounted rates. You have a full two years to purchase the books. That's only one book every four to five months, and any additional books you buy are available at the club's usual discounted rates.

What types of books does Children's Book of the Month Club offer?

The Children's Book of the Month Club offers a wide selection of books for infants through middle school aged kids. They offer thousands of books ranging from the latest picture book to award winning books. The books are easy to locate with categories broken down by age, award winners, boredom busters, parenting, and merchandise. Whether you are looking for a board book for your infant, or a floor puzzle for you elementary age student, or a new chapter book for your 6th grader; the Children's Book of the Month Club has what you are looking for at a discounted rate. Browse the Children's Book of the Month Club selection.

How do I join Children's Book of the Month Club?

To join the Children's Book of the Month Club you can complete a postcard and send it in or simply sign up online. Joining is easy online and gives you the opportunity to fully browse for books that you and your children will love.

What other information can you provide about the club?

The Children's Book of the Month Club is a great place to easily obtain books for you and your children to enjoy. They offer books for all ages ranging from infant to middle school age.

What benefits are available to members?

By being a member of the Children's Book of the Month Club, you can get recommendations for books for your child based on their age. For all your purchases you will save 30% off the publishers recommended rate. In addition, you will receive club magazines with book reviews and special promotions. All the book packages will arrive at your door addressed to your child's name. You child will feel special getting mail, especially when they realize that they have gotten a new book. In addition you will earn treasure points for all your purchases. These can be used towards additional books.

How do I contact customer service if I have a problem?

If you ever have a question, or concern you can find the Children's Book of the Month Club contact information on out Contact Us page. There also is a frequently asked questions area on the Children's Book of the Month Club which may be able to assist you.