What Is A Club Magazine?

When thinking about joining a book club, many members are often exposed to the words "book club magazine." The term can be confusing because most people associate magazine with publications like Time or Cosmopolitan but, unlike these consumer glossies, book club magazines aren't filled with articles, questionnaires and photo shoots, but with a selection of books, hand picked by book club editors, for members to choose from. A book club magazine is basically an extension of a book club website. Sent out to member homes once every three weeks, the book club magazine contains information about all the latest releases, the most popular authors and the bestselling titles. For those who don't have access to the Internet, a book club magazine is a great way to select the books you want for a low price. Each book club magazine also contains different new selections that editors have chosen especially for the members. Based on the newest releases and what's popular at the moment, editors will pick the best books and send them directly to their members, if the members wish to receive them. Complete with a decline card, each book club magazine gives members the option of declining a selection before it's sent to their home. All you have to do is fill out the card, mail it back to the book club and no charges are made. Book club magazines are a great way for readers to find out about new releases and read reviews about books they may be interested in reading. Most book club magazines will contain author or book editor reviews as well as quotes to help members make their choice and make them more familiar with their favorite writers. Other book club magazines contain exclusive book excerpts, found no where else, to give members an idea of the way a book is written and what the plot seems like. Because so many book clubs offer exclusive early release dates for several anticipated books, book clubs need a way to spread the word about such opportunities to it's members and does so through their book club magazines. Since they're sent out so often, members have the opportunity to take advantage of great exclusive releases as well as other deals book clubs are offering through the magazines.
Book club magazines also make it more convenient for members to take the time and browse to select what they want to buy. Even if a member has access to the Internet, he or she may not have the time to sit at home and look online. With a book club magazine, members can take it anywhere and browse through it any time they have an extra minute. They can also mark up the magazine anyway they want, circling selections they're interested in, crossing off books they may already have, and so on. Though the websites of book clubs are simple to use, book club magazines are also convenient tools that make choosing and buying books much easier.