Literature Is A Wonderful Gift, In Any Form

Picking good, meaningful gifts can be a challenge. This is especially true when shopping for family members, since we have given them so many gifts in the past. After all these years, how do you find something that will seem fresh?

The answer is to give a single gift that will keep generating new, enjoyable things. For instance, giving someone a membership in a book of the month club or a literary guild will bring them something new and interesting every month. You only have to make a single purchase decision, but it results in a steady stream of gifts for the indefinite future.

This works for kids and grownups alike. A book club membership encourages the crucial interest in reading that every child needs. It can literally change a life by starting a fascination with reading, and the benefits can last a lifetime. For an adult, membership in a literary guild or book of the month club can provide a reason to get back into the neglected habit of reading. Either way, the ongoing benefits of this one gift are incalculable.

However, some people need more than simple encouragement. As people age and their eyesight fails, reading sometimes becomes difficult or impossible. For these people, one of the most meaningful gifts is an audiobook or membership in an audio book club. Losing the ability to read takes away a vital link to the outside world, and giving it back is a precious, life-renewing act.

Audiobooks are also good gifts for those who are too busy to read. Many people lead such hurried, hectic lives that sitting down with a book is a rare pleasure. Audiobooks can be played while doing other things like commuting, jogging or cleaning house.

Even if the person has the time and the ability to read, audiobooks are simply entertaining. In many cases, they are read by famous people who really have the gift of storytelling. By giving a membership in an audiobook club, you are in effect allowing the recipient to have some of the world's best and most famous storytellers come into their home and read to them. The sheer novelty of the experience is enough to renew some people's interest in reading.

Literature will always be fresh. Each new selection opens new doors and sparks new interests. There's no better way to say you care and really mean it.

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