Don't Book Clubs Only Carry Older Titles?

Because book clubs are able to offer titles at incredibly low prices, many people assume that the clubs only carry older titles by unpopular authors. This is completely untrue. Because of a special relationship with publishers and the ability to market to a smaller group of people, book clubs can sell titles at up to 70% off of publisher editions. Unlike bookstores, who pay rent and several other expenses, book clubs have fewer financial obligations and can therefore afford to offer the same, new release titles for much less. While book clubs do carry many of the classic books that members are looking for, they also provide the latest releases. Like bookstores, book clubs have access to all the new releases the day they were launched, but can also carry new titles before they're released on shelves. Members are often treated to advanced releases that book stores don't carry, so you can have access to several titles that your friends or family don't. Book club titles are also completely new and unused. Most people find this amazing, since the books are so low priced, but book clubs offer the same exact books you would find in a bookstore or on another website. Brand new, with no scratches or ripped page, the books offered through book clubs come directly from the publisher, which is why book clubs can eliminate a lot of the cost. Unlike bookstores, book clubs can also offer members advanced notice of new releases. Even if a club is unable to sell the book before it is released, the club can at least let members know that it's coming so they can pre-order the title and receive it the day it is available. This is incredibly convenient for readers who like to stay on top all the latest releases. Unlike movies, whose release dates are often projected to the world through previews, books are often given less attention. Through a book club, members can find out about all the latest releases and titles they may never have even known about.
Because book clubs are so genre-specific, they are also more likely to carry even more new releases than you'd find in a typical bookstore. For instance, if you're a cooking enthusiast and are waiting patiently for a new cookbook to come out, it's possible that a bookstore might not carry the title right away. A book club revolving around cooking, however, will definitely carry the book and you'll be able to get what you want immediately. This is also true of other specific genres, such as military, history and children's books.
Just because book club prices are much lower than average doesn't mean that the clubs carry old titles or used books. Offering the same exact new releases, if not more, than bookstores and other online dealers, book clubs can charge less because of they way they run and market their business, not because of the quality of their books.