Which Book Club Is Best For Me?

Deciding which kind of book club you want to join can be overwhelming, particularly since there are so many available. Because book clubs are so inexpensive, you're not making a huge investment, but you want to be sure you pick the book club that will offer the titles that will interest you the most. Though there are several book clubs that offer different genres, many clubs are also specialized, offering different subjects within larger genres. If you find that you tend to gravitate towards new releases, the most popular novels, biographies or non-fictions, than a more generalized book club might be the route for you. Doubleday Book Club offers a little bit of everything and you can choose from a selection children's, mystery, romance, how-to, fitness, and dramatic titles. If you find that you only ready mysteries, than why not try the Mystery Guild, which carries hundreds of books that only pertain to mystery. From horror to murder, the book club only offers books that are sure thrill you and features best-selling authors like James Patterson and Sue Grafton.
For the romantic at heart, Rhapsody Book Club is the perfect choice. Specializing in everything that says passion and love, Rhapsody carries the most popular romance titles as well as heart-felt classics. Science fiction and fantasy enthusiasts can take advantage of the Science Fiction Book Club, which offers only sci-fi and fantasy related book as well as comics and graphic novels.
Not only used for fiction and entertainment, there are also book clubs devoted to those interested in learning more about the world we live in. The History Book Club carries titles that specialize in everything that has happened within the world while the Military Book Club focuses simply on warfare. If it's inspiration you're looking for, Crossings Book Club brings you the most trusted Christian titles and One Spirit offers self-help titles, all meant to enlighten and enrich your life.
There are also book clubs available for children and the elderly. The Children's Book-of-the-Month Club features all the latest kids book and is conveniently divided by age. The Doubleday Large Print Book Club carries only books with larger, more widely spaced, prints that are easier for both children and the elderly, as well as those who have vision problems, to see.
Homeowners and those interested in home related projects can subscribe to one of three book clubs: Crafter's Choice, Homestyle Books and The Good Cook. Each provides the best books relating to tips and projects for your home, cooking and crafting. For African Americans, the Black Expressions Book Club allows readers to go back to their roots and study African American history and culture as well as get the latest reads from the most popular African American authors.
Deciding which book club to join should not be hard, but rather an enjoyable experience leading the way towards reading freedom. With several different options to choose from, finding one that's suitable for you and your reading needs is simple.