Book Club Specials

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Why Join A Book Club?

For reading enthusiasts, book clubs are a great way to stock up on your favorite titles without spending a lot of money. Many people enjoy reading and can read up to ten or more books a month. Even if you're selecting paperback editions, supporting your reading habit can become incredibly expensive, especially since books bought in book stores or online can be pretty pricey. Book clubs offer members the same exact books by the same bestselling authors for a fraction of the price.

Because they buy directly from book publishers, book clubs are able to sell members books much cheaper than they would be in bookstores. While stores raise their prices drastically in order to make more money for themselves, book clubs look out more for the customers rather than themselves. On top of offering low prices every day, most book clubs will have an introductory offer that allows new members to buy a certain amount of books at an unheard of low price. Some clubs offer five books for $1 each while others offer five for only $2, all together. Book clubs also hold several sales and will often offer bonus points each time you buy a book, which can later be applied to future purchases.

Book clubs aren't only a good choice because of their low prices. Many readers don't have a resource that offers them important news on new releases and sales on classic books. Book clubs provide this information both via the Internet and through club magazines, which are sent directly to member homes. Members are able to see which books have just come out, which will be coming out soon, and which are selling the most. Though many people have preferred genres and authors they enjoy reading, it's also nice to see what the editors of a book club are suggesting and what other members are saying about the books they've read. Having more knowledge about available books will help you to decide which you want to read.

Though price is generally the first reason people decide to join a book club, convenience is always the second. Book clubs are incredibly simple and convenient because you can access them in your own time. Rather than spending hours browsing the shelves of crowded book stores, why not just go on the Internet and browse in the comfort of your own home? Most book clubs have set up their web pages to be easy-to-use with helpful search engines that allow members to find exactly what they need. Many book club magazines are also divided by subject so that mystery lovers can find new thrillers, romantics can find the love stories and sci-fi enthusiasts can go right to the fantasy.

An easy, cheap way to buy the books you live, book clubs are growing everyday and whether or not to join one is a no-brainer. If you like low price, bestselling titles that are shipped directly to your home, no hassle, no fuss, than joining a book club is a smart choice.