What About Shipping & Handling?

Many people assume that, since book club prices are so inexpensive, the shipping and handling must be incredibly high. The truth is that book clubs charge the same amount for shipping and handling as other online stores or catalogs do and the costs cover only the postage and packaging. And, while one might assume that the lower cost of the book, combined with shipping and handling, may just equal the price you might pay in the store, book club titles are so inexpensive that you'll still save money. Depending on the size of the book, shipping and handling will almost always cost less than $10. Most book clubs offer titles that are up to 70% off of publisher edition prices. So if you have a book that would normally cost $35, it might only be $10.50 through a book club and, with the addition of shipping and handling, it would only be around $20. This is also the highest possibility because, more often than not, shipping and handling will cost less than $10. No matter what, you'll be saving at lest $15, which makes it completely worth it. Book clubs also offer a lot more than just inexpensive titles. Most people join book clubs to take advantage of the great convenience they offer. While shopping at a book store may mean you get the title you want right away, most people can stand to wait a couple of days for shipping, which doesn't take very long. This allows them to browse through titles in the comfort of their own home, through an online book club site or a club magazine that is sent directly to their house. Avoiding long lines, crowds of shoppers and unorganized shelves filled with cluttered books, book club members shop with no stress and can find exactly what they're looking for easily.
Book clubs also assist members more with their reading selections than large bookstores could ever do. Through club magazines, online information and reader reviews and suggestions, book clubs help their members to decide with titles are best for them. These book club resources help members to decide whether or not they want to read a book before they buy it, saving them money in the long run. The bottom line is, even though book club members spend a little extra money on shipping and handling, they're saving more money and time in the long run by turning to book clubs rather than bookstores. Not only are the prices of titles so much lower through book clubs, but the convenience and resources are unbeatable. Combined, the costs of the book and shipping and handling are likely to still be less than the publisher edition prices offered at book stores. Even if you only save a few extra bucks, that money adds up in the long run. Plus, by becoming a member of a book club, you're also subscribing to several helpful free resources to make your reading experience better. Offering low prices and helpful tips, book clubs rise above bookstores any day.