Can I Rent My College Textbooks for Less?

With graduation season in full swing, students across the nation are considering their life interests. For many, this can include vocational or college pursuits. After college registration, students are assigned a list of required reading and textbooks for each subject. For many, the amount of textbooks and supplemental materials can be staggering and even cost-prohibitive. When considering the rising cost of living expenses and tuition, it's nice to know there's a budget-friendly alternative available in obtaining the necessary reading materials, while still managing to stay within budget.

If the above scenario sounds familiar, why not rent your textbooks from an online source or from one of several major bookstore chains that provide this valuable service? Research suggests that the cost of textbooks continues to rise. It's estimated that the average college student now pays approximately $900 – $1,000 per year just for textbooks. By renting new or gently used textbooks, students can save $125 or more a year.

It's no secret that the value of textbooks can easily drop after just one semester of use. Many campus bookstores will often choose not to buy them back, leaving students with outdated textbooks. Renting textbooks at reduced rates allow students to have money for other essentials, while not losing money on textbook investments. It's a win-win! Many sites offer free shipping, refunds, as well as additional customer support. While other sites help you find the cheapest price for textbooks in much the same way that shoppers might find the cheapest flight or hotel. Of course, it's always important to review their policies and guidelines before renting.

Before making any book purchases, students may also consider joining a book club. Book clubs, readily available online or at major book stores, provide many titles at low or economical prices simply for joining. The book club can also supply short reviews, synopses, and excerpts from books. These can be useful as additional study resources. A list of genres and ideas also makes it convenient to find the book you need.

Literary guilds also provide opportunities for saving money on books. The literary guild book club may be present on campus, off campus, or online. Depending on the college and their policies, the campus bookstore may even offer discounts for certain book club memberships. Book club memberships offer links to short stories, lectures, study guides, discussions, and even sounding boards. You'll save by having an ample supply of subjects and texts at reduced costs.

Why not consider the above options for your required college reading? One of them might just be right for you. For more information on how to rent your college textbooks or join a book club for added book savings from The Book Club Shop, click here.