I'm Not Very Savvy On A Computer, Can I Still Be A Book Club Member?

Though computers have become a household necessity, many people aren't very comfortable navigating the Internet and fear that, because they aren't as good with computers as they'd like to be, they may not be able to join a book club. This is completely untrue. Book clubs cater to reading enthusiasts, not Internet experts, so many book clubs take into consideration that not all readers will be as eager to use the Internet or quick to navigate the web as they would be to pick up a 300-page novel and read it cover-to-cover. To accommodate those who may not be well equipped to use the Internet, book clubs make their sites incredibly easy to navigate and understand. First, they make it simple for members to browse through hundreds of book titles with little or no real Internet expertise. Providing a convenient search engine tool, members can type in the title or author of the book they're looking for and, if the club carries it, the book will appear on the screen. Most sites will also provide a list of categories to browse by on the homepage so that users don't even need to enter their own search. Simply clicking from page-to-page, members can browse through several titles under each genre without every touching the keyboard. Most book clubs have very specific ways of organizing their genres and break it down into several, smaller categories. By clicking on the "Browse" button located in perfect view on top of the webpage, users are then brought to another screen where they can narrow down their results more specifically and easily. Though many of the book club sites do provide search forms, which can be used quite easily, they try to make it even more simple by allowing members to scan through the titles themselves. Ordering from book club websites are equally as simple and can be done with only a credit card. After clicking the "Add To Cart" button located at the bottom of each book description, the title is automatically added to a members online shopping cart. While many sites make it so that customers are unable to view their carts, book clubs put a summary of the cart on the webpage so that, no matter where else you navigate to during your browse, you'll be able to see which titles you've already decided to buy. Book club sites also provide an easy "Remove" button to use if you change your mind and decide to buy a different title. For those who don't have a computer or wish to avoid using one all together, book clubs send out club magazines every three weeks with the same kind of information that you'd find on their website. Flipping through easy-to-read pages, members can make their selections over the phone or by sending in requests. The magazines also contain information about new releases and book excerpts, which can be read to decide whether or not members wish to purchase a book. Unlike other online stores, book clubs do everything they can to make their websites and titles easily accessible for all members, regardless of their Internet/computer experience and expertise.