Why Join a Children's Book Club?

School Breaks Are a Great Time for Your Child to Join a Children’s Book of the Month Club

Are you tired of hearing your children complain about having nothing to do or that they are bored, especially on school breaks? Introduce or re-introduce them to the joy of reading.

Chances are, you read to your child when they were infants and toddlers but, like most, your time restraints and schedules or other activities began eating into that precious time. They would smile with delight at the sound of your voice and the vivid pictures. Often, they learn valuable early lessons or are simply amused.

As a member of a valuable book of the month club, your child will have books delivered right to your doorstep. Settling down to rest at night with a book before bedtime is a relaxing way for your child to unwind after a busy day. They will learn the joy of creating scenes in their minds as they read about various fictional adventures or about their favorite real or imaginary heroes.

When children join a book club, they can choose the books they would like to read. The book club can make recommendations based on your child’s age, reading skill level, gender, and interests. If they join a book club with a friend, they can read the same books and discuss them afterwards. Then, they can later exchange books as well and compare interpretations.

If you fear the joy of reading a book is becoming a lost art, don’t let your child miss out. Book clubs are a wonderful way to continue reading for fun. Educators already know the value of increasing vocabulary and comprehension skills in students who read for recreation. Those children love to read, use their imagination and, little do they realize, are boosting their skills for a lifetime of higher learning.

When in a book of the month club, your child will absorb many new worlds of education. In addition to reading fictional stories, they will enjoy reading non-fiction books on nature, sports, history, travel, or dozens of other topics they may find interesting. There will always be a new book waiting for them from the book club and it will enable them to spend free time on school breaks indulging in a fun, educational, and luxurious activity.

Sign them up for a children’s book club so they can relax with a great story every night, especially on school breaks. They will never be bored and their brains will absorb much more than words!

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