Disney Princess Book Club

  • 7 FREE Enchanting Gifts
  • 3 Exclusive Storybooks
  • Official Princess Proclamation!
  • Sticker Sheet
  • Pink Princess Tutu
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Disney Princess Book Club Review

The Disney Princess club is a great club for young girls. It offers all of the great Disney books that appeal to the Princess in all of us. We've found this club to meet high standards and with thier 100% satisfaction guarantee, there is no risk, so try it out and see for yourself!

What is Disney Princess Book Club About?

If you want to teach your daughter how to read, the most creative way is by enrolling her in a book club. One of these is Scholastic's Disney Princess Book Club, which is capable of showing her the charming world of princesses in beautiful gowns and perky manners. When you become a member of Disney Princess book club, you will obtain a variety of books on Disney princesses. These characters include Cinderella, Snow White, Jasmine, Ariel, and Belle. The books of this club are easy to read. What is more, your daughter will always learn something nice from the stories. Disney Princess book clubs offer books, which feature colorful artwork. Other than the capability of instilling good manners in your young lady, the books of Disney Princess book club will enable her to learn excellent reading skills.

Who are Qualified to Enroll in Disney Princess Book Club?

Every young girl is allowed to enroll and become a member of the Disney Princess book club. Through this group, you will be able to encourage your child to behave well. Disney Princess Book Club is perfect for young girls, what with the characters that the club features in its books. Becoming a member in this club serves as a creative and effective way of making your child learn good manners and outstanding reading skills. Specifically, the books of the club are targeted for girls who are two to six years old. However, all the members of the family can enjoy the books.

What are the free gifts that are offered in the club?

There are several good things that you can obtain by becoming a member of Disney Princess book club. Among these are the freebies, such as three books on Disney princesses, proclamation for being a royal princess, pink tutu, and sticker sheet that is stamped with the Royal seal. The free books consist of Snow White, The Little Mermaid, and Beauty and the Beast.

What is the return guarantee of Disney Princess Book Club?

Being a member of the book club lets you have a preview of the books that are being offered. If you are not satisfied with the books that you have ordered, you can simply send back the books. Scholastic will refund the amount that you have paid or credit the price of your purchase, but lesser on the handling and shipping fee. There will be no questions asked. The free gifts and free books are still yours.

What are the details of the book club?

Disney Princess book club offers an introductory offer, which consists of free gifts and a Cinderella preview book. When you avail of this offer, without deciding to send it back, you will officially become a member of the club. The cost of this initial offer is $9.98. You will be paying $5.99 for the Cinderella book and $3.99 for the handling and shipping fee. Once you are a member of the book club, you will be provided with monthly shipments of two hardcover storybooks on Disney princesses. The payment is still $9.98, with $3.99 for the handling and shipping fee and $5.99 for the books. This amount is half the cost of storybook retail prices in bookstores. Becoming a member of Disney Princess book club will allow you to provide your kid with new books each month, without having to go to bookstores.