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What is Disney Book Club all about?

Scholastic offers parents and young tots a creative way of learning how to read. Through Disney Book Club, you are given the opportunity to share wholesome books with your kids for a price that will not strain your budget. The books of Disney Book Club are based from some of the most popular movies of Disney such Peter Pan and Cinderella, which are favorites among the kids. Through your membership at Disney Book Club, you will be able to help with the mental development of your kid. This goes especially with his or her capacity to read. You might even have the chance to bring out the creativity of your child. The characters of the Disney storybooks of the club come from contemporary and classic Disney movies such as Ratatouille, Cars, Peter Pan, and Lady and the Tramp.

How to become a member of Disney Book Club?

In order for you to become a full member of Disney Book Club, you will have to avail of its introductory offer. This is comprised of three storybooks and backseat organizer, which are all for free. You will only pay for the handling and shipping fee. This means that you will have to pay a total charge of $4.99 for the initial offer. You can also choose to add in two bonus books to this offer for $3.99 plus free shipping on those books. After acquiring the first promotion, you will receive shipment each month. This shipment includes three Disney storybooks for a price of $3.99. With a subsequent handling and shipping charge of $3.99, you will pay a total cost of $7.98. You may return any books you don't want.

What age is Disney Book Club suited for?

If your kid is enthusiastic, when it comes to books, you might want to enroll him or her in Disney Book Club. This is also perfect for children that love to watch Disney movies, both contemporary and classic. The storybooks of Disney Book Club feature characters that are based from popular Disney movies such as Bambi, Cinderella, and A Bug's Life. This makes reading engaging and enjoyable for your kids. The hardcover of the books is specifically designed for young readers, aging two to six years old. But if you have children that are older than this age group, they can still have fun reading Disney Book Club storybooks.

What are the benefits that you will get, when you join?

Choosing to be a member of Disney Book Club lets you and your kids avail of exciting freebies. These free items are comprised of storybooks, namely, Lady and the Tramp, Cars, Bambi, Peter Pan, Cinderella, Monster, Inc., and A Bug's Life. Along with these books is a backseat organizer. Another benefit that comes with being a club member is the choice to receive or decline the introductory offer. Give your child the gift of Disney magic.

What are the prices for the offers of Disney Book Club?

When you decide to keep the welcome package and be a member of Disney Book Club, you will pay a total of $4.99 for the three books plus the backseat organizer, or $8.98 if you also choose the two bonus books. You will get three Disney books each month, wherein you will have to pay a total of $7.98. The subsequent handling and shipping fee is $3.99, while the three books are offered at $3.99. This cost allows you to save up to fifty percent off the cost of the same books, which are offered in bookstores.