Getting to Know Nature's Children

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About Getting to Know… Nature's Children Review

How can I be a member of the Getting to Know Nature Club?

Joining the club is easy. All you have to do is sign up and pay for the Getting to Know Nature kit. The kit contains tools that you can use to teach children and students of all ages about the Nature around us. Plus as member you would be entitled with freebies and privileges that are perfect for teachers and parents. All it takes is to simply sign up and get the available kits.

What privileges do I have as a member?

As a member, you will be given freebies such as books, parents or teacher's guide, games, stickers/ and many others that are offered in season. Surely, we won't miss giving freebies to members, as this is one of the privileges we promised to them. The freebies offered include free handling and shipment, so you don't have to worry about paying for the delivery. All you need to do is be a member and you will get as many tools as we can offer and get free services.

What are the costs of being a member of Getting to Know Nature?

You only pay for the kits, new releases of books, and other tools. Also, there could also be other tools that need payment but they are all offered in discounts compared to buying from other bookstores and clubs. Even if you have to pay for other items that we offer, it will still be at a lower price compared to other stores. All in all, your money is worth everything you receive at still minimal cost. You can pay all these through credit card or other payment means that you are comfortable with.

What are the things I will receive as a Member of Getting to Know Nature?

Getting to Know Nature is everything about science and nature. You can learn from books, audiobooks, CDs, games, and many others. As a member, you will get different tools that are related to nature. The idea of the club is to make the child's learning enjoyable and fun.

What If I cancel my membership?

Within four weeks after you have canceled your membership, we will refund what you paid for the kits. We will not require you to return the freebies though. It is because in Getting to Know Nature Club your satisfaction is our guarantee. After four weeks however, you cannot cancel anymore.

Do you have a privacy Policy for the data I gave you as a member?

Getting to Know Nature respects your privacy at all cost. When you become a member and fill out our forms, we will not disclose it to any unauthorized person. In fact, we use your data for purposes of doing business with you alone. We practice high level of confidentiality, as trust is the basis of our members. You can check our privacy policy in the website if you wish to know more about personal information for kids, parents, guardians, and teachers, how we handle cookies and IP addresses, about third-party servers, security, and about links to other sites.