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My First Steps To Learning Review

My First Steps to Learning is the only book club that guarantees your child's firs step to academic learning. My First Steps to Learning has available books that cater to ages as young as one year old to preschool. This is the only book club that offers you a variety of books and tools that guarantee the learning capacity of every young child.

If I sign up today, what free offers and discounts will I receive?

You will get many freebies from My First Steps to Learning which would include books, interactive, toys, stickers, games and a lot more. You can check it out in the website. If you need to cancel your membership for whatever reason, you can keep the freebies while we give you the refund. Plus, you will get a discount for as low as 50 percent on selected items as learning tools for your child.

What other privileges do I get as a member of My First Steps in Learning?

Being a member of the club will give you many privileges. You and your child would surely find learning to be exciting and fun. Aside from the freebies like free shipment and discounts of items, you will also be enrolled in the Free Preview Program. This program gives you an opportunity to preview new volumes of books that will be available in the market anytime soon. This will give you an edge over other parents or teachers who are not yet members. As a member, you can avail of the new volumes and editions first hand. What's more, you get this at a discounted price as compared to when you buy the new editions or volumes from other bookstores and retail stores.

Can I buy audio books for my children?

Yes. If you are too busy to read the books to your children, you can have them listen to the audiobooks. By simply listening to the audiobooks, children can learn a great deal with the audiobooks. The audiobooks from My First Steps to Learning provides an exciting listening experience. They will be able to learn things within their capacity to comprehend in an easy and fun way.

Why are the My First Step To Learning tools inexpensive?

The main reason why our books and tools are quite inexpensive is because all our books are bought directly from the publisher. All middlemen's discounts are eliminated thus the My First Steps to Learning club is able to sell books at lower prices. Our books are even lower than most online bookstores.

What can we expect from the My First Steps to Learning club?

My First Steps to Learning club brings fun and excitement to learning. The understanding and ability to capture the mind and attention of the child are the basic principles in delivering the proper learning tool to your child. The club strives in doing the best in keeping this website as reliable and trustworthy as possible. The promotions may change in a regular basis, and the club will do the best to keep you updated.