Veggie Tales Book Club

  • 3 Free Books
  • A Growth Chart
  • Activity Book
  • Sticker Sheet
  • Free Shipping
  • Huge Selection
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Veggie Tales Book Club Review

What do I need to do to join the veggie tales club?

Joining the Veggie Tales club is easy. You will have to register in the site by filling out the required form. You will then receive confirmation of your registration. After which, you can start paying for the initial packages as a member at a minimal fee.

What are the packages or items that I initially receive as a member?

Veggie Tales Club is packed with books and items that you will surely enjoy. Once you register, you will receive initially three good books of Veggie Tales. These books are free. Plus, you will receive additional freebies, which includes growth charts, stickers, and activity books. These are all filled with Veggie Tales characters in brilliant and bold colors that your kids will surely enjoy. Also, you can choose to get the Bonus Book, which includes two books. The two books will only cost $7.99. You are paying one book, but you get two books of different stories. What is more, you get these items delivered right to your doorstep for free. You will have no problem signing up, plus you get more savings of the most sought after Veggie Tales books and other bonuses.

What does satisfaction guaranteed mean?

At Veggies Tales Club, we assure that your satisfaction is guaranteed. You can get your money back if you decide to cancel your subscription. Yet, you retain the items that you received from registering with the club. You would have to do these four weeks from the date you registered. Otherwise, you will not get the refund anymore. However once you pursue with your refund, you will not get any other privileges that only members can have. You will not be included in any future promotions, preview programs, discounts, and bonuses that you could otherwise get as a member.

What are the privileges I get as a club member?

Being a Veggie Tales Club member entitles you to a lot of things. First, you get to own books of Veggie Tales at a price that is almost half compared when you buy these books in retails stores, either offline or online. Also, these books are new and updated. If ever there are going to be new releases of volumes and supplemental items of Veggie Tales, you will know it beforehand as you are automatically enrolled in the Free Preview Program. If you wish to avail of these newest releases of Veggie Tale Books, you can simply allow the club to deliver the items to you and you'll have to pay a discounted price for it. Still, for birthdays and gift items, you can also get ready access and easy purchase to some of the Veggie Tales products.

Who else can benefit from being a veggie tale club member?

Children can surely get the lessons and fun brought about by the stories of Veggie Tales on its books. Aside from parents and their children, Veggie Tales club can also benefit teachers and personal tutors. They would have the needed resources and stories to tell kids or students in the values development program. The books and items can even be used in schools and homes. Likewise, art schools can also have fun with Veggie Tales characters and items. Bookstore owners and entrepreneurs can also do well in being a member with Veggies Tales Club.